Wednesday, June 1, 2016

And for a change: The good

Source: New Yorker
My husband and I are both lawyers (though, in my own defense, I've never practiced).

This week, we can be proud of our profession, at least here in Israel.

Israel's Bar Association has just emailed its members urging them to hire people with disabilities. .

Here is my translation of its call to action:
The Israel Bar Association considers itself an integral part of Israeli society. In the framework of this outlook on life, we believe in the importance of the integration of people with disabilities in the workplace. We urge you, independent lawyers, to participate and absorb people with disabilities in your offices. We are certain that this significant step will lead to equal opportunities for everyone, everywhere.
Here's hoping that a ripple effect of this action will reach our backward government which still promotes the segregation and institutionalization of people with disabilities.

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