Friday, June 1, 2018

From bluster to blunder

JK Rowling of Lumos [Image Source]
It was bound to happen eventually. When you churn out the PR bluster ad nauseum, the occasional blunder is unavoidable. 

So when the team at Aleh related how the recent Gazan missile barrage impacted residents of Aleh Negev, they described that institution as "the only birth to death residential facility in the world for those with the most severe special needs" [archived here in case it disappears].

The wording is so egregiously grotesque and crass that I am baffled to see nobody at Aleh has scrambled to delete it. As I type this, it remains posted on their partner's Facebook page.

Aside from the abysmally poor choice of words, the claim that there is no such institution anywhere in the world is also puzzling. There are plenty of such warehouses in impoverished third world countries. Lumos, J.K. Rowling's organization ("Children belong in families, not orphanages") endeavors tirelessly to close them all down. 

True, such warehouses have, for the most part, already been eradicated in the rest of the developed world. But is Aleh truly conceding that its dumping ground for children with disabilities is the last one of its kind extant in the enlightened world? 

If so, then I must pronounce them, this once, truthful to the point of self-indictment.

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