Tuesday, April 17, 2018

What we forget when we remember

Wednesday is Yom Hazikaron.

There really isn't anything to add to what we have already said and written about our precious Malki.

Snatched from us brutally in the 2001 Hamas bombing of Jerusalem's Sbarro pizzeria, she is mostly forgotten. 

The blood-thirst of that terror organization, its quest for murder of Jewish children, are also forgotten. 

The joy and pride of the mastermind of that Sbarro massacre, Ahlam Tamimi, are well and truly forgotten. 

And the fact that Tamimi is alive and well and free in Amman is not only forgotten - it has never been noted

Many across the globe now condemn Israel for defending itself against Hamas' latest attempts to infiltrate and murder on our soil. 

Perhaps a reminder of Hamas' past "achievements" will sway some of them. 

No words can do that better than those engraved on our Malki's tombstone:

Malka Chana Roth may G-d avenge her death
Dear granddaughter, daughter, sister
Devoted youth leader
Who did kindnesses and spread happiness

Born in Melbourne, Australia
14th Kislev תשמ"ו
Rose heavenward in a storm
in the center of Jerusalem
20th of Menachem Av, תשס"א

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